With over 10 years of experience in music as a teacher and composer, we are pleased to share the means to accompany music for worship in our gatherings. With a professional background as a Bachelor in Music Education and a Master's degree in composition, we ask God for wisdom to deliver that potential and create materials that will be a blessing to the musicians in our churches.

We are open to listening, receiving feedback and requests, and constructive criticism in order to contribute to the improvement of instrumental performance and hymn accompaniment.

Arranger & Composer


Mr. Joel Alamillo


Our Mission


Our mission is to provide the necessary tools to enhance the performance of our hymns and church worship through instrumental accompaniment. The tools available here are meant to facilitate worship to our God in a better way, so that our services are enriched with high-quality music.

Every day, we strive to keep producing, composing, and integrating more resources such as sheet music, courses, tips, videos, etc., to continue sharing what God has given us in order to be a blessing to others. We hope that this material is a blessing to your life